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New Haven Shucker
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New Haven Shucker


The New Haven oyster knife is a classic wood-handled shucker.

The only one with a curved tip, a brilliant design feature, the New Haven is a superb oyster knife for a couple reasons. First the curved tip allows for excellent leverage when opening at the hinge and secondly the tip tends to ride high inside the oyster making it easier to stay away from the meat and avoid damaging it.  And thirdly, the curved tip also means you’re less likely to stab your hand, making this a safer option. 

Our New Haven was name “Best Oyster Knife” by America’s Test Kitchen and featured in Cook’s Illustrated magazine.  Here’s what they said:

“R. Murphy’s New Haven oyster knife is well crafted, with a simple, comfortable wooden handle that never budged in our hands.  It was able to slice oyster muscle without damaging the meat.  One shucker noted that it seemed to disappear and become part of your hand.”

Murphy has been making that knife for over 100 years

NHOYS / 86102



420HC High Carbon Stainless Steel
Maple Handle

Blade: 2-5/8" L x 5/8" W
Knife Care

Stainless Steel Blades:
Hand wash and dry knives.
Do not put knives in dishwasher.

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