Award-winning bartender, Jackson Cannon, is a longtime Boston barman who set out to create the perfect knife for the unique work often required behind the bar. The result is this well-crafted blade, a high-carbon steel knife with a squared tip and featuring a nicely contoured handle made of polished tropical cocobolo wood.

“Durability and functionality were the two main features I was looking for when I went searching for the perfect bar knife.  This knife from R. Murphy, a repurposed leather cutting tool, is sturdy, compact, sharp, and multifaceted.  It's a great citrus knife!  The tip is great for detailed garnish, removing seeds, slicing peels and more. . With a razor sharp blade that really keeps an edge, a compact design that makes it easy to travel with or store, and a clever point that makes cutting citrus and garnish quick and precise, I am proud to offer The Jackson Cannon Bar Knife as the one for nearly every task behind the stick.

A knife as conversation worthy as the drinks I serve.”

                                                                             -- Jackson Cannon