High Quality Stainless Steel Knives

All American made R. Murphy Stainless Steel Cooking Knives are carefully designed to make each component of meal preparation easier.  We offer this series of well-made, high quality kitchen knives for those who prefer stainless steel. 

We handcraft these knives using only the finest quality stainless steel (420HC – high carbon content), hand-hone them to a razor sharp edge.  Our high quality stainless steel knives are easier to re-sharpen and have excellent edge retention compared to many stainless steel knives on the market.

Full tangs provide perfect weight and balance.  Contoured handles are made from Bubinga (African Rosewood) and hand polished to impart exceptional smoothness and beauty.  Blades are cryogenically treated to extend edge life, and handles are vacuum infused with a wood stabilizer to increase durability and water resistance.

Our Chef’s Stainless series has a knife to fit every culinary task.  Our knives are easy to control and comfortable to hold.  Butchering, filleting, chopping, slicing, paring and dicing become chef-friendly tasks with R. Murphy Knives.

Whether you are a professional or home chef, if you want a beautiful, high quality, stainless steel knife please see what our Chef’s Stainless Series has to offer!