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Chef Set 3 Piece


The 6 chef knife is short and light. Suitable for smaller hands, it is easy to hold and control. Designed for slicing, chopping, mincing and dicing smaller vegetables, fruits and cuts of meat. Great for blocks of cheese.

5 inch fillet knife with a thin, tapered, semi-flexible blade comes to a narrow point making it ideal for removing bones and skin from smaller cuts of fish, poultry and meat. This shape and flex make it a great kitchen utility knife as well. Easily core peppers and tomatoes, then slice away with ease. Slice cucumbers, peaches, apples cut corn off the cob. Trim fat from steaks, chops and chicken breasts. This knife does so much makes prep work easy and fun!

Paring knife - The razor sharp carbon steel blade, compact size, and sharp point of this paring knife give it the precision needed for detail work. Perfect for trimming, peeling, controlled cuts and slicing small fruits and vegetables. A must-have in every kitchen.


Set items sold individually to resellers


1095 Carbon Steel
Vacuum Infused Honduran Rosewood
Brass Rivets


Chef knife: 6" blade
Fillet knife: 5" blade
Paring knife: 3-1/4" blade

Knife Care

Carbon Steel Blades:
Hand wash and dry after each use.
Do not put in dishwasher.
Put away dry to prevent rust.
As you use your carbon steel knives they will develop a pearlescent patina that will help protect it from rust and stains.
To remove any blade stains, lightly scrub with steel wool and household cleanser, such as Bar Keepers Friend.

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