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Butcher Set 2 Piece


10-3/4 inch Slicing Knife With a long thin, narrow, flexible blade and rounded tip, this knife is designed to quickly and precisely cut small paper thin slices. Along with its comfortable handle, the perfect blade length allows for a smooth efficient slicing action. This slicer is perfect for cooked or smoked meats, poultry and fish. Tailored to many textures, the blade works beautifully with the firmer fleshed meats ham, prosciutto and dry sausage. Slicing cold meats is a breeze.

6 inch Boning Knife With a thin, semi-flexible blade, this knife is perfect for removing the bones from meat, poultry and fish. The shape and flexibility allow the blade to get into small spaces, especially in deep cuts, holes and along the length of the bone. The sharp point is designed for precision when separating the meat from the bones in whole hams, lamb and veal legs


Set items sold individually to resellers


1095 Carbon Steel
Vacuum Infused Honduran Rosewood
Brass Rivets


Slicing Knife: 10-3/4" L blade
Boning Knife: 6" L blade

Knife Care

Carbon Steel Blades:
Hand wash and dry after each use.
Do not put in dishwasher.
Put away dry to prevent rust.
As you use your carbon steel knives they will develop a pearlescent patina that will help protect it from rust and stains.
To remove any blade stains, lightly scrub with steel wool and household cleanser, such as Bar Keepers Friend.

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