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Butcher Knives Set 3 Piece


8 Inch Butcher Knife - Traditional style Butcher's knife with a wide blade curving up to a clipped point. This is a great all around cooking knife perfect for slicing, trimming, skinning, food prep and meat processing. This is a precise cutting tool suitable for everyday use - as efficient with meat and separating bone joints as it is with pineapples, onions, potatoes, melons and tough vegetables like butternut squash. The 8" is well suited to cut frozen meats and poultry. This knife will thin slice your leftovers without shredding, peel the most stubborn turnip, cut up ribs, split lobster, scale fish and remove fish heads and fins.

6 Inch Butcher Knife The smallest of our Butcher line, shorter and lighter, its the easiest to hold and control. It will trim, slice, dice and cut meat, fish, poultry, vegetables and fruit with ease and precision. It is well suited to smaller fruits, vegetables and meat cuts and, will make quick work of splitting beef and pork ribs, cutting up BBQ and chicken, separating, deboning and more.

Charcuterie Knife - The perfect knife for your meat and cheese board! Sharp blade makes clean cut slices and stays sharp. Fixed blade style knife is best for slicing hard meats. Wider part of blade is good for spreading pates. Curved blade edge is made for slicing and chopping.


Set items sold individually to resellers


Butcher knives: 1095 Carbon Steel
Vacuum Infused Honduran Rosewood
Brass Rivets
Charcuterie knife: 420HC High Carbon Stainless Steel
Vacuum Infused Bubinga (African Rosewood)
Brass Rivets


Butcher knife: 8" blade
Butcher knife: 6" blade
Charcuterie knife: 4-3/4" blade

Knife Care

Carbon Steel Blades:
Hand wash and dry after each use.
Do not put in dishwasher.
Put away dry to prevent rust.
As you use your carbon steel knives they will develop a pearlescent patina that will help protect it from rust and stains.
To remove any blade stains, lightly scrub with steel wool and household cleanser, such as Bar Keepers Friend.

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